Beacon Energy Limited

Who are we

Beacon Energy Limited (BEL) is a solar services and Solar EPC Company. A project of the Beaconhouse Group, BEL aims to provide affordable renewable energy to businesses and homeowners alike.

Solar projects demand powerful, reliable, and scalable infrastructure in meeting those requirements. BEL provides project development & financing support, design & construction services, as well as O&M and complete system integration.

With over 45 years of experience in the service industry, The Beaconhouse Group has put reliability, dependability and quality customer service at the very heart of BEL. Working with only the best equipment suppliers in the world, BEL aims to move Pakistan to a 21st century energy paradigm by offering its end users a decentralized, efficient and environmentally friendly energy production network.

The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and is registered with AEDB as Category (V1) & PEC (C3) Category

. Solarize Pakistan

Enlightening homes with solar energy

14.53Installed Capacity (MWp)
20.15Annual Generation (GWh)
13.02CO2 Reduction (Kilotonne)

Working Paradigm

How We work

01 / 07

Energy Audit

By inspecting your premises, our survey team will collect all necessary information in order to plan with you the most flexible solution that matches your requirements

02 / 07

Preliminary design

The efficiency ratio of each project is assessed, identifying all potential factors that may affect the optimal operation and efficiency of the system

03 / 07

Feasibility Study

Provides a comprehensive study on the estimated energy production of your system, as well as an economic study calculating for you the maximum future profitability of your investment

04 / 07

System Installation

Installation of your system is carried out adhering to a strict schedule and the highest international quality standards. All equipment is brought to site and commissioned for seamless operation

05 / 07


Upon completion of the works, the Project Manager / Supervising Engineer, shall hand over to you a complete file with the warranty for the installation of your system

06 / 07

NOC Support

Solar system is monitored 7 days a week by our Professional Engineers, where NOC has access to fault details, technical parameters and health

07 / 07

Operation & Maintenance

For BEL, customer relationships do not end with the conclusion of a transaction, but are maintained for a product’s entire duration of use. BEL believes after sales services holds a key role in your solar system and provides an extensive range of preventative and corrective services