Beacon Energy Limited

Agricultural Solar System

Agriculture is Pakistan’s largest and most vital sector, but non availability of electricity in more fertile regions of the country make irrigation very difficult. This same lack of infrastructure places severe limits on pumping drinking water in many part of the country also.

To overcome these problems we are introducing our solar water pumping system at a very affordable cost with high reliability. Solar water pumps are specially designed to lift water for irrigation, horticulture farms, gardens, domestic use, drinking and other similar applications. These systems are an excellent solution for areas where there is no electricity or scarcity of power supply. These specially designed modules can withstand extreme weather conditions such as storms, rain and dust, and are impact resistant.

One of the biggest advantages of solar water pumps is that they can be easily installed, require almost no maintenance, and can last for more than 20 – 25 years

How does a solar water pumping system work?

A solar-powered water system is made of two basic parts. The solar electric modules are the power house. The electricity from the panels goes to the motor and pump, which sends water through the pipe to where you want it. Many solar-powered water systems pump water into a large holding tanks for use during cloudy weather or at night.

Solar modules are usually installed on special ground or pole mounting structures. For more output, modules are installed on a tracker - a mounting structure that follows the sun like a sunflower.