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On Grid Solar System

A Grid tied system based on intelligent Tier-1 inverters uses system generated solar power to augment utility-based power. These Inverters need a power source to match the voltage and frequency of the grid and are economical because batteries are not required. The system can also be used to supply unused power back to the grid. Pakistan has implemented a robust Net Metering policy giving these systems an exceptional return on investment. Our grid-tie inverters run on the most advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology. It boosts the incoming current from Solar, for example, if the solar panels are making 6 or 7amps of current then MPPT enhances it to 10 or 11 amps – you get 30% more electricity from the exiting solar panels – similar to having an extra solar panel. Grid-tie inverters have a high efficiency of more than 97%, guaranteed reliability, and are meant for Pakistan’s harsh weather conditions.

Advantages of using On Grid solar systems
  • Return of Investment in just 3-4 years.
  • Relatively cheap compared to Off-Grid or hybrid systems.
  • Reliable as lower fault count as compared to Off-Grid or hybrid systems.
  • Net metering compatible
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On-Grid Solar Packages

Beacon Energy Limited (BEL) offers price competitive On-Grid Solar Solutions for commercial and residential customers. A very wide range of customized solutions can be offered based on the client's individual requirements. We also have a range of pre configured packages with varying capacities designed to meet the needs of most residential customers.

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