Operation & Maintenance

For BEL, customer relationships do not end with the conclusion of a transaction, but are maintained for a product’s entire duration of use. BEL believes after sales services holds a key role in your solar system and provides an extensive range of preventative and corrective services

Corrective maintenance

Our team will provide corrective maintenance services when any component of a customer’s solar system has an error resulting in compromised energy production. This type of maintenance is done both during regular service visits as well as when faults are detected by a team member at our Network Operations Centre.

Spare Parts Management

BEL will ensure availability of all critical components and parts of a solar PV system. Either on site, in warehouses, or in manufacturers’ consignment stocks, for prompt replacement in case of failure and/or to meet guarantees under O&M contracts.

Warranty & Claims

BEL manages warranties with the objective of reducing costs and response times for claims for repair or replacement of certain PV system components (under the warranty of the EPC and/or the components manufacturer with respect to terms and conditions).

O&M Highlights

  • Perform Proper Maintenance
  • Manage Anomaly Alerts
  • Minimize Economic Losses from Outages
  • Audit Energy Production
  • Achieve Maximum Performance
  • Monitor Real-Time Data
  • Delve into Historic Data Trends
  • Review Weather Conditions
  • Perform Preventative/Corrective Maintenance
  • Evaluate Network Voltage and Frequency
  • Optimize Performance
  • Inventory and Spare Parts Management
  • Supply In-Depth Performance Reports
  • Oversee Security Alerts and Monitoring
  • Environment Conditions Control
  • Coordinate Warranty Repairs & Regular Service Checks