Power Purchase Agreement

For commercial projects where capital investment is a barrier, BEL offers corporate clients the option of entering into a PPA agreement where BEL takes on the entire capital cost of the project. In this model, the client pays a fixed monthly charge for a period of 10 to 25 years depending on how monthly installments are calculated.

Once clients have entered a PPA model, they have peace of mind knowing that BEL is taking care of all system design, installation, testing, and commissioning processes as well as O&M and maintenance for the life of the project. These projects benefit form our state of the art NOC facilities where system performance in monitored in real time on a daily basis to ensure the maximum possible uptime. As with all our systems, PPA clients are able to see complete details of energy production, consumption, and export on our bespoke mobile and desktop app.



No or low up-front capital costs

No up-front costs of sizing, procuring and installing the solar PV system. Without any up-front investment, the client is able to benefit from solar energy and start saving money as soon as the system becomes operational.

Reduced energy costs, with known inflation rates

Solar PPAs provide a fixed, predictable cost of electricity for the duration of the agreement. The fixed cost paid for solar energy typically inflates either at a known fixed rate, or at the rate of RPI. Both inflation rates are below expected electricity price inflation.

Limited risk

The developer is responsible for all installation and operating permissions, system performance and operating risk.

Zero cost ‘green’

Improved sustainability, positive CSR benefit, contribution to renewable energy target.